Thursday, 23 April 2009

Goldwork Guild Magazine Issue 4 Now Available

The Goldwork Guild Magazine, Issue 4 is now available and I believe is the best issue yet. There is plenty in there to get you thinking and a nice centre spread of our 'experimentation' using some unusual metallic materials in alternative ways, that took place at the last Goldwork Guild meeting at Whitminster, Gloucestershire in April 2009. A question is posed at the bottom of this: Is this Goldwork? And, is there a place for this type of approach in contemporary work? Answers gratefully recieved on these questions!

There is a theme around Spanish embroidery in this edition, along with creating designs using a continuous line of gold and details of a new kit that has just become available from the Goldwork Guild.

Please let's have your comments, the Guild needs to know it's doing a good job!

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